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The story of L'Assassino

Restaurant in Chianciano Terme

The story behind our Restaurant L'Assassino in Chianciano Terme is fascinating, curious, and full of passion for authentic Tuscan cuisine.

In 2009, the couple Tiziana Biagiotti and Lisauro Burani decided to open the restaurant in Piazza Antonio Gramsci in Chianciano Terme, taking over an old tavern that had been there for years. Their mission has always been to continue the true Tuscan culinary tradition.

Lisauro's passion for cooking started many years before, when he was a young fourteen-year-old who moved to Milan and found a job at L'Assassino, an elite restaurant run by a Tuscan family from Chiesina Uzzanese, a small town in the province of Pistoia.

In that restaurant, he experienced the atmosphere of Tuscany, the friendliness of the owners, and the typical dishes that were a delight for the palate.

These factors quickly made it one of the main restaurants in Milan, frequented by many important people in the city, such as bankers, politicians, AC Milan executives and football players.

During those years, Lisauro learned all the secrets of Tuscan cuisine, from the preparation of dishes to the wines to pair them with.

Back in Chianciano, Tiziana and Lisauro decided to open the restaurant and named it "L'Assassino" in honor of Lisauro's first job as a young boy.

But strong>the name shouldn't be misleading: the L'Assassino Restaurant in Chianciano Terme is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Tuscan flavors in a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

Since then, Tiziana and Lisauro have dedicated themselves passionately to their business, offering customers high-quality dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients, and a selection of wines among the best in Tuscany and Italy.

Thanks to their dedication, the L'Assassino restaurant today is a reference point for lovers of good Tuscan cuisine in Chianciano Terme.

Tiziana Biagiotti

Tiziana Biagiotti Ristorante L'Assassino Chianciano Terme

"No concession at table"

Tiziana is the host of the restaurant and is the driving force behind our kitchen and culinary philosophy.

Every day, she sources locally grown and fresh ingredients to ensure that every dish served in our restaurant has an authentic and unique taste. Her attention and dedication to local ingredients are the key to our success.

Tiziana is also always ready to welcome our customers with a smile and a warm, family-like atmosphere. We like to think that L’Assassino Restaurant is a big family, and thanks to her, this becomes a reality for our diners.

Although Tiziana is a fundamental figure in creating our extraordinary culinary experience, we would not be able to achieve such high levels without the contribution of each individual member of our team. Everyone brings their own talent, passion, and dedication, creating a collaborative environment that translates into exceptional gastronomy for all of our guests. 

Traditional Tuscan cuisine

The traditional Tuscan cuisine of L’Assassino Restaurant in Chianciano Terme is truly unique and special.

Our menu offers a wide selection of Tuscan dishes, including the famous ribollita, Chianina Florentine steak, and pici pasta with ragù sauce. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, using traditional cooking techniques that respect the quality and flavor of the ingredients.

In addition, our restaurant offers a wide selection of local and regional wines, carefully selected to perfectly complement each dish.

Our goal is to offer our guests an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience that takes them on a journey of discovery of the flavors and traditions of Tuscany.

Cucina tipica toscana Ristorante L'Assassino Chianciano Terme

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